Track of the Week: Electric Wizard- Return Trip

At the end of each week I’m going to throw up a quick write up on the track I listened to most of this week, based on iTunes’s ‘most played’. I’m stealing the idea from my friend Timothy Cullen.

This week:


Electric Wizard are one of the best bands ever and this is them as their cochlea crushing best.

Waves of sound, Sabbath style vocals and absolutely massive riffs. Massive is an understatement, you need to bust out the thesaurus to appropriately describe the magnificence of this track. That solo is just vile, any metalhead who doesn’t have the urge to air guitar along for the entire 10 minute track needs to go back to listening to Wu Lyf or something equally terrible.  There is only one way to listen to this song: very, very loudly. Go ahead, if  you can handle it.

Track of the Week: Electric Wizard- Return Trip